Free Photo Sessions

Ya, you read that right! I am so confident you will love your images, I am giving my photo sessions for free. 

Why am I doing this? 

Well, there is a couple reasons:

  1. I love to be behind the camera. I love to create images. Giving you a session gives me the freedom to do just that. 
  2. One thing I hear so often is “well, I would love to take photos but *insert excuse about not liking how they look in images here*” by giving the session free you don’t have to worry at all! You get to come out, have fun, take pretty pictures and if you don’t love them then you don’t have to buy them, however I doubt you won't love them.


What’s the catch?

So there is a catch. It’s not a big one though. You just have to sign a model release so I can use your images online and in advertising. 


Does the session include images?

A.Only the photo session is free. No images are included. Images and prints are available for purchase after the shoot, please have a look at the product guide to familiarize yourself with the products I offer. I have samples of the products so you can get your hands on them.

Do I need to pay anything up front?

A.Time is money, I do require a $50 deposit to hold your session. This deposit can be used towards images or can be refunded if you do not wish to purchase any images. Deposit is NOT refundable if sessions is canceled with less than 72 hours notice, this covers time lost.

What if I do not want to sign a model release?

A.Thats no problem! The session fee is $75. This session fee covers my time shooting, editing and correspondence. It can be applied to portrait packages, but is not refundable if you choose not to purchase.

How long does it take to get the images for viewing?

A.Your images will be delivered in an online gallery with in 72 hours of the shoot. You will have 72 hours to purchase any images. This will be the only opportunity to order so plan accordingly.

How long will I have to order?

A.You will have 72 hours to purchase any images. This will be the only opportunity to order so plan accordingly.

Do I have to buy anything?

A.You are not obligated to purchase any images. Should you choose, your deposit can be refunded to you after viewing if you are not interested in buying photos. There will not be an opportunity to buy them in the future though so be sure of your decision.