A Few Things About Me...

I'm Taci. The girl behind the camera at TNT Creates.

> I got my first camera in Jr. High. A little film camera, I took photos of flowers and landscapes. I thought people RUINED my pictures! LOL. My how times of changed. My love of portraiture came years later when I fell in to a job at a retail portrait studio.

> I have wanderlust. Bad. I am always read to go. Anywhere. Of course, My camera is always in tow. Once a landscape photographer, always a landscape photographer. You can read about my travels and see those pics on my blog.

> I have two pets, a dog and a cat, neither have any idea what their species is and both are totally ridiculous.

> I am a Starbucks barista. I don't drink coffee much, but I love the smell.

> When I started shooting with the intention of being professional I swore I would never shoot weddings. Until a photographer friend needed someone to help shoot one. I fell in LOVE!



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""I have to admit that doing a photo shoot made me feel super nervous, but Taci made it the most comfortable and fun experience I’ve ever had taking pictures. Her creativity is amazing and she sees such a beauty in people and finds a fantastic way to bring it out in each shot. I’ve done two shoots now and these photos are a keepsake. I love them. I’m so thankful that I got to work with someone so special and cool!""

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